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I`m Christiane, a german PJ fan and collector. I`m married and I have a child (YAY - getting HER was the best thing ever happened in my life!)


Laila and me


I was born in summer of 1963 and in my taste of music I`m heavily influenced by old bands and musicians like J.J. Cale, Rory Gallagher, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Velvet Underground, CSNY and many more.

I know - most of that stuff is not really my generations music but for me the 80`s were a boring time related to their music scene. Ok, there were bands like f.e. The Cure which also impressed me but most of the music that time sounded just ugly to my ears...

The next interesting period came with bands like Faith No More - I still like that kind of metal influenced crossover.

But the only band I would really say Iīm a fan of is definitive Pearl Jam. To my bad luck I discovered them very late: it was the summer of 99 when my brother in law visited us and brought his disc collection with him.

I was curious because I had heard of that band before but had never really heard their music. But "Ten" really overwhelmed me. It was like listening to the music Iīve ever been waiting for. There are no words for to really describe (especially with my poor school english, hehe).

Now you would imagine that "Ten" is my favourite album, won`t you? But in fact itīs "VS" and "No Code" :)

Anyway - most of the time I prefer listening to PJ`s live recordings. (Oh, donīt worry: I don`t have the time to listen to them every day - otherwise my family would probably kill me, hehe.)

My other favourite bands are Blind Melon (too bad Shannon Hoon died so young!), Dave Matthews Band, U2, Widespread Panic - just to name a few... 

Ok, enough said - time for trading ;-P



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